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About Pettrs

Bringing animal lovers together to share their fur-babies, feathered friends, scaley sidekicks, and critter companions!

Every animal is welcome

Every animal is welcome, as long as their humans are responsible!

We strive to create a safe and friendly atmosphere where we can share our photos, videos, and stories of our pets and their adventures.

Connect with others who love the same animals!

Everyone has their own opinions on what makes a good pet. Connect with animal lovers who share your common species!

Connect with others
Humans are welcome

Humans are welcome, but animals get priority!

We all love our pets, and this is a unique space dedicated just for them. We may enjoy snuggles with them, but here, they should always be the centre of attention!

A safe space for everyone who loves animals

Pets often complete our families, and sometimes we continue to expand our family even after the inclusion of pets. If only our pets could use smart phones…

A safe space
Share, capture, and create

Share videos, capture moments, create memories

We all love animals, and they love us. But sadly, most of our pets don't live as long as we do, so it's important we can look back on the good times they gave us.

Show off our companions

Our pets share their lives with us. Now we can share their lives with other like-minded people who love animals as much as you do!

Show off our companions
We all love animals

We all love animals

We're all here for the same reason - to share cute, funny, and amazing pictures and videos of animals, whether they're our pets, or out in the wild.

Love makes the world go around

Pettrs is an inclusive community of pet owners, animal lovers, and the beutiful creatures that inhabit our planet along with us.

Love makes the world go around
Family and animal friendly

Pettrs is a Family and Animal Friendly place

We take the care and well being of all our users, and all animals very seriously. We do our best to ensure the safety of all our users, and their animals.


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